Specialty Electrodes
Moderate Abrasion
42397 – 1/8” diameter
42400 – 5/32” diameter
An inexpensive all position hardfacing electrode used for building up or surfacing areas to resist abrasion together with low to moderate impact. The smooth arc action permits easy application of thin smooth layers. Slag is easily removed. This rod is ideal for maintenance hardfacing of a wide variety of equipement parts such as combine cylinders bars, drawbars, augers, etc. Can be used on AC or DC reverse polarity welding current. Rockwell C52-58.

Severe Abrasion
Superabrasive coated
42696 – 1/8” diameter
42700 – 5/32” diameter
A high quality hadfacing material that is grafitic coated, fabricated tubular electrode for use with the electric arc. Withstands very high abrasion with moderate impact. Use on AD or DC reverse polarity welding current in all positions. Widely used on subsoilers, land sides, caterpillar shoes, sprockets, rollers, digger chains, planter runners, friction bearing surfaces on guides, drag chains, augers, and many other wearing parts. Runs at low temperature to reduce dilution and produces long wear. Rockwell C54-66.

Heavy Abrasion
42796 – 1/8” diameter
42800 – 5/32” diameter
A tube electrode for hardfacing for use in all positions with AC or DC reverse polarity welding current. Provides excellent abrasive protection along with good impact qualities. Quiet arc with fast deposition applies readily to all weldable steels. This electrode is designed to give more service per unit of cost on all types of construction and agriculture equipment, including roll, jaw, hammer and cone. Suitable for shovels, diggers and all such parts subjected to earth abrasion. Rockwell C58-60.

Severe Impact
43096 – 1/8” diameter
43100 5/32” diameter
A hardsurfacing electrode for use on AC and DC reverse polarity welding current – designed for applications requiring high resistance to sever impact and abrasion. Its heavy coating gives better stability than high manganese electrodes. The weld deposit flattens out to permit a thin deposit where desirable. This high impact metal is excellent for impact protection on cable tool well bits, mining, excavating/dredging equipment, rock crusher parts, road grading equipment and anything else subject to impact with abrasion.

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